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Our story

It all started with Lirio dos Vales Decorações in Belo Horizonte/MG, in 1991.

My father started it and it was only after many years that I discovered the love I felt for the profession. But fate had reserved a change for me, living in Cancún. But what about my plans, and my brides? It wasn't easy, but I started to risk doing the same here in 2015/2016.

I looked for all the ways I found, all possible help, I just wanted to be in my area, Decoration and wedding advice. I registered on wedding websites and performed my first wedding for an American groom and a Puerto Rican bride, then Mexicans, Europeans/Mexicans, more Americans and Mexicans, until I realized that to enter the Brazilian market, it would be essential to take care of all the details , and that's where I started. With the experience I already had from Brazil and after getting to know the region a little better, together with the best professionals, we formed Lirio Cancún.

We strive for continuous excellence to provide you with a magical day.

“My priority is to offer a differentiated and excellent service, with special and equal attention to everyone who trusts me with their dreams. I love my job a lot and perform each event as if it were mine. Everything is always personalized, according to the taste of each couple. I make dreams come true, and for me there is nothing more gratifying than the full satisfaction of my customers.” Sabrina Duarte

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